Movement / Movimiento

When you are unsure about the road that you are travelling on and the direction that you are moving in, don’t worry. It’s not the loss of direction but the absence of movement that matters. Don’t stop; eventually every road leads to some place. Procrastination and keeping still can never do you any good. So keep moving.

― Latika Teotia

Mono Print
Popular Singer Ronnie Carroll, of ATV’s programme “Oh Boy” wiggles away at a party to show how the hula hoop game is played. The Hula Hoop game is affecting old and young alike in London, and now it has come to the parties, as well as television and the playgrounds. Ronnie was at a party given by Cabaret Actress Cherry Weiner in her West End Flat. 2 October 1958

Cuando no estás seguro del camino en el que estás o la dirección en la que te mueves, no te preocupes. Lo que importa no es perder el rumbo sino la ausencia de movimiento. No te pares; con el tiempo todos los caminos llegan a algún sitio. Postergar las cosas o quedarse quieto no te hace nada bien. Así que sigue moviéndote.

― Latika Teotia

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