10.000 Km (2014)

Alex: I’ll always have a hard time telling you what I’m feeling because… I think you already know what I’m feeling. That you always know what I feel just by looking at me. That’s why I don’t always tell you that I love you… because I figure you already know. But then I realize that it’s not the same to know something as hearing someone tell you. I need to tell you I love you more often. I love you so much. Life seems so grey when you’re not around to make me laugh.

Sergi: Well, I haven’t made you laugh much lately. I understand. But I don’t think I have the strength. You leave all of a sudden and now you want to come back as if nothing had happened.

Alex: No, not in the same way. A different way. We’ll make it up.

Natalia Tena as Alex and David Verdaguer as Sergi in 10.000Km

Alex: Siempre me va a costar decirte todo lo que siento porque… pienso que ya lo sabes. Que siempre lo sabes. Que con una mirada lo entiendes. Y por eso no te digo siempre que te quiero, porque creo que ya lo sabes. Pero luego me doy cuenta que no es lo mismo saberlo a que te lo digan cada día. Y que te tengo que decir más que te quiero. “I love you”. No sé. Es que la vida es tan gris sin que me hagas reír.

Sergi: Pues no te he hecho reír mucho últimamente. Te entiendo, pero… pero no tengo fuerzas. Te vas de golpe y ahora quieres volver de la misma forma, como si nada hubiera pasado.

Alex: No. De la misma forma no.  De otra manera. Nos la inventaremos.

10,000 km is a Spanish romantic drama film directed by Carlos Marques-Marcet. It film stars Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer as a couple trying to make their relationship work, while one lives in Barcelona and the other in Los Angeles.

The film had its world premiere on March 10, 2014 at the SXSW film festival and received the Special Jury Recognition for Best Acting Duo. The film was released on May 16, 2014 in Spain and on July 10, 2015, in a limited release and through video on demand by Broad Green Pictures in the United States.

Rating 6.7 in IMDB

Watch the Trailer (just click)

Natalia Tena as Alex and David Verdaguer as Sergi in 10.000Km


10,000 km follows the relationship between Alexandra and Sergi in Barcelona, Spain. They struggle to find a balance between their plans of having a baby and Alex’s photography career. When Alex accepts a one-year residency in Los Angeles, their distance apart tests the bounds of their relationship. They attempt to use modern technology to keep their relationship strong, but the physical distance proves more challenging than they could have imagined.

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