Worrying and uncertainty

“Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.” – Wiz Khalifa

UmbrellaWorrying can be useful whenever it is necessary to tackle a problem or solve certain situation. However, being constantly worried about something that might or might not happen is a problem, because this worrying drains our vital and emotional energy, produces doubt and fear, increases our anxiety levels and therefore interferes with our daily life.

To be worried about the worst possible situation in advance is not a good habit and does not have any positive purpose. Some may think worrying ahead of time could be useful in some way to predict the future, avoid unpleasant or uncontrollable surprises and be prepared for the worst case scenario. Nevertheless, by forecasting the worst possible outcome, one feels unnecessary pain all over again.

In order to relieve the anxiety produced by our worries, we need to learn how to embrace uncertainty. We should reflect and wonder what in life is absolutely certain to happen, or if we can find solutions to every single concern we may have. Once we realise that worrying is the problem itself and not the solution, we can free our minds and regain control in our lives.


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